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We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. We believe that each athlete is different and tailor our programs to meet each athlete’s individual needs.

What's Holding Young Atheletes Back

Many young athletes are not reaching their full potential. Things like muscular imbalances, improper form, and poor movement literacy are all contributing to a stalled athletic performance.

On top of that, sports put immense stress on the human body. If the body isn’t prepared to  handle that stress, it can lead to severe injuries that can linger into adulthood. Over 5 million  young athletes under the age of 18 are injured every year and according to the CDC, half of them can be prevented through athletic performance training. 

Our training services are dedicated to making young athletes stronger, faster, and less susceptible to injury. We don’t like to guess what progress athletes are making. Instead, we use data-driven training methods to assess the athlete’s needs and track their progress as they reach their full potential. Throughout our programs, young athletes are educated on the correct forms and training practices that they can take with them well into adulthood.

Movement Oriented Training

At the core of all of our services is the desire to build faster athletes. Movement is one of the determining factors in what makes or breaks an athlete’s performance. By emphasizing movement literacy and multi directional movement, we help young athletes move faster and more efficiently in all directions. By the end of our training program, your athlete will be beating their competitors out on the field.


“My youth soccer team has trained with Coach Duarte and ZenSport for two seasons and the results have been great. My kids are not only learning the proper mechanics of athletic movement, which contrary to popular belief they were not born with, but they are also having a lot of fun in the process.”

Dave Puckett, Harrison, SC Boys Travel Director & Youth Soccer Coach

What Is Z-Blitz?

Z-Blitz is a bi or tri weekly 45-75 minute training program for young athletes. Using scientifically  developed methods, Z-Blitz targets the main seven athletic traits for improvement and provides an efficient path to superior athleticism.

2x Per Week


3x Per Week


Z-Blitz Discovery provides scientifically developed, age-appropriate training methods for junior athletes. Meeting 2X to 3X a week for 45 minutes, each session focuses on movement efficiency, building natural strength, and most importantly having fun. Our program is designed to transform kids into elite athletes without forgetting that they are still kids.

2x Per Week


3x Per Week


Z-Blitz Endeavour establishes long term athletic development strategies that focus on meeting  the individual athlete’s needs and goals. For an hour every week, young athletes are given the  customized instruction and the education to take their athletic performance to the next level.

2x Per Week


3x Per Week


Z-Sport Semi-Private sessions will feel and operate like private sessions keying in on the unique goals, strengths, and weaknesses of the athlete. The intimate training setting (1 coach to 2-4 athletes) will allow for individualization at the highest level with frequent electronic testing, movement screening, muscle recovery strategies, and analysis (detailed progress reports). 

What is Z-warrior?

Z-Warrior is a training program designed for adults to gain control over their health. The sessions are limited to 10 people to ensure effective individualization. Each athlete is given an advanced  screening, body composition tests, and more to get a holistic understanding of their needs.

Additional Training Services


A clinic dedicated to improving your team’s weaknesses with a focus on anaerobic conditioning  for explosive acceleration, enhanced speed, and better endurance.


Improve athletic performance in a personalized, fun atmosphere designed to correct muscular  deficiencies and improve multidirectional movement.



An elite coaching program designed for athletes who want to take their athleticism to another  level through nutrition, physical conditioning, and mental preparation. 


A 45 – 60 minute personal assessment of your athletic performance to build a development  strategy perfect for you.

We are covid-19 compiant

Your health is our biggest concern. For the safety of all our clients we are implementing several  safety precautions to minimize any risks to your health. 

These procedures include:


Temperature Checks

Widely Available Hand Santitizer

Equipment Wipe downs

Capacity Limits

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