Coaching Programs For Athletes Who Want To Dramatically Improve Their Performance.

Our clinics are elite coaching sessions for any team or athlete who needs focused attention on their athletic performance.

Team Training Clinic

Speed and agility are the most important qualities for team based sports. Our team training clinics assess your team’s weak points and emphasize multidirectional movement. Our clinics improve team synergy, acceleration, and movement efficiency.

Performance Evaluation

We use quantifiable metrics to track your teams progress. At the start and end of each clinic, we test performance and sport battery to increase speed, agility and explosiveness.

Linear and Lateral Movement

When we think of movement we usually think of forward and backward, yet movement, in sports especially, is multidirectional in nature. Our clinics train movement in all planes to ensure athletes outperform on the field.


A small group of young athletes between the ages of 8 and 18 who want to hone their skills in an intimate and social setting with no more than 4 participants. Physical assessments allow us to create targeted training programs to perfect postural and muscular imbalances while enhancing key athletic traits.

Judgement Free Training Sessions

Throughout all of our services, we create an atmosphere focused on progress rather than feats. But, if your athlete still finds training in front of others intimidating, then this may be the clinic for them. Our small group clinics are dedicated to creating a fun, social space that keeps young athletes motivated.

Private Coaching Clinic

A 1 on 1 coaching program for athletes that want to dramatically improve their athletic ability. These training sessions are not limited to physical training, our coaching program also focuses on nutrition and mental conditioning.

Personal Assessment

We perform personal assessments that allow us to create training programs tailored to your young athlete’s needs. Your athlete will have our coaches complete attention to perfect mechanics, technique, and deficiencies.

Mental Conditioning

Improved spatial awareness, visualization, and concentration, all contribute to movement efficiency. Athletes who conserve their energy through efficiency increase their endurance and reduce risk of injury.


At ZenSport, you experience the highest level of knowledge, dedication and passion of anyone in the sports performance industry while receiving individualized attention that you cannot get at the large chain facilities. If you’re looking to take your team to the next level, I’d highly recommend their quality training services!

Bill Shute SJEBFC Coach & Director of College Advisory Board

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