Meet Your Trainers

Duarte Monteiro, Founder Of ZenSport

My passion for athletic performance stems from my childhood.
When my father was a teenager, he was a professional soccer
player for the Portuguese European FIFA League. It was a dream come true for him and an opportunity not many others get a chance to take. But, after a few years, his career ended prematurely when he tore his ACL.

I grew up seeing the crushing effect his injury had on his ambitions firsthand. It inspired me to prevent that kind of personal tragedy for others. Even as a young martial arts combatant, I suffered the effects of improper training.


I failed to take into account the importance of physical and mental preparation while competing at the national level. If I had a better understanding of effective strength and conditioning modalities, I could have gone farther than I did. My twelve years of expertise in athletic performance training allows me to prevent young athletes from making the same mistakes by giving them the best physical and mental conditioning education possible.

Education And Certifications:


(Running Mechanics Professional) 

Level 1 Certified

Level 2 MED Certified


Certified Speed & Agility Specialist

Certified Kettlebell Instructor

Youth Athletic Assessment Specialist


Athletic Performance Specialist


Foundation Speed Coach & Short Sprints Course


JrFit Youth Fitness Specialist


Certification in Applied
Functional Science (CAFS)

Robertson Training Systems

Complete Coach Certification

Institute of Human Performance

MMA Level 1 Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach

Brookbush Institute of Human Science

Human Movement Specialist

Ballistic advanced training Institute

Movement Optimization Specialist

Omni-Contractions Certified

Neurotyping Certified


Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Certified Fitness Trainer
Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Reese Valcich, strength and conditioning coach

My journey began as a young, overweight, and unathletic kid through my elementary and middle school years.

With guidance from my brother, I eventually followed a mediocre program that consisted of two machine exercises and a medicine ball. I skipped meals often and did not know how to eat properly to reach my fitness goals.

Over the course of my high school years, I tried to educate myself and adapted a very generic bodybuilding program with a slightly better diet plan. I started to see results.

In high school, I began working with Coach Duarte as an ice hockey player and practiced bodybuilding on my own. I narrowed down my goals and evolved as an athlete. Gradually, I shifted away from bodybuilding and became infatuated with strength and performance training. Watching the human body perform at such high capacities with competitive weightlifting became a newfound passion. After I hung up the skates my senior year, I found a new sport in powerlifting. This path led me to help young athletes become the strongest versions of themselves to support their athletic ventures.


Fast forward to the present, I love what I do. I enjoy being able to play a role in shaping the lives of young and older clients by building their confidence levels with each and every session taught.

Education And Certifications:


Certified Fitness Specialist

The Ready State

Movement & Mobility Specialist


Certified High School Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Triphasic Training

Triphasic Certification


Certified Sports Nutrition Coach


ACL Accelerator Course