Why would my child benefit from this program?

Our program is specially designed to compliment their respective team sports & skills development by increasing their speed, quickness, multidirectional movement, strength, coordination and balance on the field or court of play.

Aren’t they already getting enough conditioning from their sport?

Our safe and scientific based program is not to be confused with regular fitness and/or conditioning. Instead, we focus primarily on making your child a faster and more explosive athlete through the latest in functional training & mastery of efficient movement.

Why is “Speed” and “Agility” training important to my child’s athletic success?

With modern youth sports becoming more competitive than ever, the game is changing.

Successfully enhancing neuromuscular qualities for speed & agility often provides a young athlete with a confidence boost or advantage over their opponent and/or teammate – especially when competing for a starting position.

Further, an effective speed & agility program addresses a multitude of unknown muscle deficiencies through athletic assessments and corrective exercises designed to minimize unwanted sport related injuries.

These injuries may vary from ankle sprains to major knee ligament tears, which often negatively hinder numerous promising young athletes from achieving their athletic goals and dreams.

What makes your program different than other speed programs?

We pride ourselves on making all of our innovative and periodized training drills fun & competitive to ensure that your child is actively engaged & motivated, all while becoming a faster and more dynamic athlete.

Every training clinic begins and ends with nationally recognized sport battery tests to effectively measure progress and program effectiveness.

How often would my child have to train to see improvement?

Young athletes who normally attend 1 session per week during their regular sports season have shown positive gains in speed & agility after only 6 weeks of training.

Most of this is initially accomplished by improving their biomechanics, as many athletes are often plagued with poor running and multidirectional movement technique, unbeknownst to their coaches.

As for maximum results, athletes who train 2 to 3 times per week during the off-season have shown noticeable speed & athletic gains after 4 to 8 weeks of sessions.

Will one season or clinic be enough to enhance my child’s game speed?

Similar to getting better at a particular sport, speed & agility is a “skill” that takes time to develop. We believe in a Long-Term Athletic Development (LTAD) strategy for any child seeking to become a well-rounded faster athlete.

This is done by systematically exposing them to right amount of stimuli at different stages of musculoskeletal and neurological development (7-9, 12-14, 15+).