“My youth soccer team has trained with Coach Duarte and ZenSport for two seasons and the results have been great. My kids are not only learning the proper mechanics of athletic movement, which contrary to popular belief they were not born with, but they are also having a lot of fun in the process.”

Dave Puckett, Harrison, SC Boys Travel Director & Youth Soccer Coach

Mac started going to Zen Z-Blitz classes that are offered multiple times per week (45 min/per). At the time she was really struggling with knee pain (patellar tendonitis) and hip pain and soreness as well. Duarte conducted a screening and determined Mac was “heel runner”, and has hyperextended knees where her knee bends back when she is locking her knee. He also noted her hamstrings were nowhere near developed as much as her quads which puts additional strain on the knees. Duarte has a plan for each session she attends and ensures that each area in which she is deficient, is addressed. Through this work and specific attention, Mac has dramatically improved her speed and quickness. Her ability to change directions and accelerate really made a difference as she played at the top of her game through the spring, summer and fall seasons.

Jim Clement Parent

When we met I explained that he wanted to become faster and I thought that is what Zen was about. I learned fast it is about more than speed and I love what I am seeing. One the soccer field both myself and Cooper's other coach are seeing a difference as well.

Jim Morris Parent

“What I love most about ZenSport is that the training program has a purpose, a process and structure. The focus is on the athlete and their sport of choice. Unlike the “one size fits all” approach most commonly used, ZenSport first looks at the individual athlete and uses a systematic approach to identify their strengths and areas of opportunity. A fantastic environment where self-confidence and character are never sacrificed. HIGHLY recommended.”


“I have been training with Duarte for a few years and I am incredibly impressed with his program. From the very beginning he has been 100% dedicated to me and my lifestyle goals. I would and have recommended his program to anyone interested in moving better and feeling their best!”