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The Benefits Of Z-Blitz

Your athlete only has one chance to be young. One chance to participate in youth sports. One chance to showcase their athleticism. One chance to be scouted by colleges. After they become an adult, any opportunities that were available as a young athlete are gone.

Z-Blitz is more than strength and conditioning training, it’s a training service that brings the best out of your athlete. By training the 7 athletic traits with meticulous instruction, Z-Blitz creates well-rounded athletes who are less susceptible to injury. Our focus on movement literacy helps athletes stand out in speed and explosive acceleration. We want your athletes to improve but more importantly, we want your athletes to want to improve. Z-Blitz creates a fun, competitive atmosphere that will have your young athletes excited to train with us.

Targeting The Big Seven Traits

These 7 athletic traits are at the foundation of every athlete’s performance. Possessing deficiencies in any of the traits may lead to poor movement qualities, hindering performance on the field or court. Throughout all of our services, we focus on enhancing key athletic traits while minimizing the risk of unwanted sport related injuries.

Speed & Running Mechanics

Balance, Coordination & Stability

Linear & Lateral Acceleration

Core Strength & Endurance

Jumping & Landing Mechanics

Injury Resiliency

Breath Work & Emotional Stability

Young Athletes Are Vulnerable To Injuries

Growth plates are the weakest part of the bone and can be easily injured in adolescence when the plates are still developing. Many young athletes also specialize in only one sport. Studies have shown that specializing at an early age creates muscular imbalances that lead to an 81% increased chance of developing an overuse injury. Z-Blitz prepares your athlete’s body for any stress from any sport. The service corrects forms and muscle imbalances to reduce the likelihood of injury.


Young Female Athletes Are Most Likely To Have Injuries

Young female athletes are up to 8x more likely to get injured than boys. The reasoning behind this statistic is still unclear, but what is clear is that strength training can reduce the risk of injury substantially. Young women are not being encouraged to participate in neuromuscular training as much as men and this oversight can result in an increased risk of injury. At ZenSport, we believe in Pre-habilitation over Rehabilitation. Injuries can put your athlete out of commission for months, and sometimes years. Targeting muscular deficiencies and imbalances early is half the battle in reducing physical and emotional setbacks.


Mac started going to Zen Z-Blitz classes that are offered multiple times per week (45 min/per). At the time she was really struggling with knee pain (patellar tendonitis) and hip pain and soreness as well. Duarte conducted a screening and determined Mac was “heel runner”, and has hyperextended knees where her knee bends back when she is locking her knee. He also noted her hamstrings were nowhere near developed as much as her quads which puts additional strain on the knees. Duarte has a plan for each session she attends and ensures that each area in which she is deficient, is addressed. Through this work and specific attention, Mac has dramatically improved her speed and quickness. Her ability to change directions and accelerate really made a difference as she played at the top of her game through the spring, summer and fall seasons.

Jim Clement Parent

    Bring The Best Out Of Your Athlete With Our
    Z-Blitz Training Service!

    2x Per Week


    3x Per Week


    One time payment for a 30 day membership
    Sibling Discount – $10 per child

    2x Per Week


    3x Per Week


    One time payment for a 30 day membership
    Sibling Discount – $10 per child

    2x Per Week


    3x Per Week


    One time payment for a 30 day membership
    Sibling Discount – $10 per child


    Try out a single Z-Blitz session to see if ZenSport is the place for you. There’s no commitment or hidden prices attached to this option.

    $20 For A Single Session – Z-Blitz Discovery – 9-12 yrs.
    $25 For A Single Session – Z-Blitz Endeavor – 13-17 yrs.

    $35 For A Drop In Session – Z-Sport Semi-Private – 13-17 yrs.

    *Sibling Discount does not apply*