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The Attributes Z-Screening Evaluates

Movement Literacy

Strength, Speed, And Power

Postural and Muscular Deficiencies

Balance and Motor Coordination

What Is A Z-Screening?

To become a better athlete, you have to know your strengths and weaknesses. At ZenSport, we offer physical assessments that evaluate all of the attributes related to sports performance.

A Z-Screening is comprehensive in nature as we use state of the art technology such as Force Plates to identify potential strength deficiencies, muscle imbalances and asymmetries that may be affecting the quality (speed, etc.) of the athletes movement on the field or court, and even placing them at risk of non-contact type injuries.


Specifically, it dives deeply into:


    1. Rate of Force Production – lower body power output like jumping or accelerating explosively.
    2. Elasticity (tendons) – the spring or bounce an athlete possesses to support agility and other fast-twitch type vertical or horizontal movement orientations.
    3. Eccentric Deceleration – the ability to absorb ground forces properly when cutting or landing. For example, non-contact knee ligament injuries (ACL, etc) usually occur when an athlete lacks this quality.
    4. Bilateral Asymmetries – left vs right lower and upper limb imbalances that may result in injury over time due to compensatory patterns. 
    5. Proprioception/Mechanoreception – balance and stability through foot pressure analysis – yes, we’re getting really scientific now.


Recommended age: 12 or older 

Quantifiable Metrics

Whether it’s acceleration or multi directional movement, we can measure your performance down to a tenth of a second. We offer Z-Screening throughout sports seasons to make sure your young athlete is making progress.

Sports Specific Evaluations

Our trainers take into account the sport specific skills needed for each athlete. We assess the muscles regularly used by specific sports and the ones overlooked to help create well balanced athletes.


“What I love most about ZenSport is that the training program has a purpose, a process and structure. The focus is on the athlete and their sport of choice. Unlike the “one size fits all” approach most commonly used, ZenSport first looks at the individual athlete and uses a systematic approach to identify their strengths and areas of opportunity. A fantastic environment where self-confidence and character are never sacrificed. HIGHLY recommended.”


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Comprehensive Assessment

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