A Fitness Program That Puts You In Control Of Your Own Health


What Is Adult Z-Fit?

There’s a phenomenon of senior athletes emerging. Older athletes are refusing to submit to old age. Inactivity has been linked to increased risk of disease, immobility, and diabetes. Athletes are understanding this more and more each day. These athletes are proving that you don’t stop being active when you get old, you get old when you stop being active.


Adult Z-Fit is a fitness program made for adults who want to bring back their younger vitality. Our program uses functional conditioning to create strong, flexible, and energetic bodies to combat the effects of aging. We focus on training all areas of physical fitness to maximize your health benefits. Our sessions are privatel and extremely personalized. We use advanced screening, assessments, and body composition tests to develop long term strategic plans that work to improve your overall well being.

Mitigate Your Risk Of Injury

As we get older, injuries heal less effectively and muscle imbalances grow worse. In a study done on seniors, falls are the leading cause of lost independence and physical mobility. The program identifies muscle imbalances in your body and corrects them to reduce the risk of injury and strengthen your overall body.


Increase Your Athletic Longevity

Research suggests that the longer you are active, the longer you will stay active. Adult Z-Fit doesn’t only improve your quality of life in the present, it improves your quality of life far into the future. By strategically developing a fitness plan specifically for your needs, we give you the education and training methods to increase your athletic longevity well into old age.


ZenSport is a unique physical fitness training center that focuses on an individual's specific needs and abilities. It is not 'machine-centric' like regular gyms are. The trainers at ZenSport are knowledgeable, encouraging, kind and personable and make each session enjoyable yet challenging. I've been attending sessions for a couple of years and I'm as flexible and strong as I was in my 50's ...I'm 71 now and this training has made a huge difference in my life. I highly recommend adults of all ages to give ZenSport a try in order to attain better balance, flexibility and strength for a longer life.

Althea Adult Z-Warrior Member

Take The First Step To Regain Control Over Your Health.

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$65 per session

Must purchase a 4 week membership

8 sessions total

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$55 per session

Must purchase a 4 week membership

12 sessions total


Pay session by session and drop in whenever you can fit it into your schedule.

$75 For an Adult Z-Fit Single Private Session